Inspiration Is Out There!

Hello Dears!

This week is supposed to be a low key blog about my upcoming project and sites and tools that could serve as inspiration for it. So of course I chose the theme from one of my favorite movies…..UP! So this week instead of looking for adventure, I’m going to look for inspiration. As I mentioned last week my thesis is going to focus on the Parliament House here in Orlando, so my project for this digital history class will focus on the same. This week in class, we had to do a small presentation and discuss what each of our projects were going to focus on. I had been struggling with deciding between doing a spatial mapping project or a “Then and Now” photo collage. While giving my presentation I decided that I would rather focus on the “Then and Now” project. I think this project would give me the opportunity to look at more than just the physical history of Parliament House, but also look at the more nuanced narratives behind these changes.

The “Then and Now” trope is a common one throughout numerous disciplines and at times it can be very cliche and hold little value. However I think that as a historian I can approach the subject of “Then and Now” and discuss the underlying reasons behind the changes that can be seen in the photos. These juxtaposition of photos can show the human impact on places, it can show the socioeconomic changes that have taken place, and I think these photos could also show broader social trends.

All this being said, I might have a hard time finding early photos of P-House. In the beginning P-House was an almost clandestine place. I was told while I was at P-House a few weeks ago that if you went around with a camera in the early years that it would be confiscated. This makes sense as people could lose their houses or jobs if they were outed in the 1970s. Even with the challenge of finding older photos of P-House, I think that this project could be really wonderful and be a great use of digital technology.

In order to complete this project I will be using a digital tool called Juxtapose JS. This tool was created by the Northwestern University knightlab. This tool allows you to create photo comparisons through a sliding tool. It looks pretty simple to use and I cant wait to get started. This is an example of what the tool looks like.

Courtesy of Northwestern University Knighlab
Courtesy of Northwestern University Knighlab

I’m hoping that this tool is easy to use and that I will be able to create some really wonderful images. Hopefully this foray into digital tools will be easier than my last…(looking at you GIS)

Mantra for life....sort of
Mantra for life….sort of

Until next week.



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